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These are instructions for simple sitting meditation, RAIN (Recognize what is happening, Allow life to be just as it is, Investigate inner experience with kindness, Nonidentification. Shuli Passow: The basic sitting meditation was one that we taught early on, and we started each class with a few minutes of this meditation.
We taught RAIN the week that we did Anavah, in recognition of the fact that once we start to look at specific middot and behaviors, anxiety and self judgement can arise--sometimes pretty ferociously! We felt that RAIN might be a good technique to help people work with these emotions.The chesed meditation we taught the weeks we did chesed. We also held one of our class sessions almost completely in silence, as part of our shtika practice. The previous week we had looked at the sources on shtika and shmirat halashon, and then we began the next week's class with a sitting meditation, then taught a walking meditation, and then led an eating meditation (with raisins)

Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler in Strive For Truth on Bechirah Points:
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