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MATERIALS PRODUCED FOR MIDDAH OF EACH MONTH (banners, posters, divrei Torah, songs, etc.):
Bechirah Points:
  • D'var Torah on Savlanut and Anavah in Parshat Vaeishev by Michael Penzner of Fairmount Temple, Beachwood OH:

PUBLICITY MATERIALS (press releases, newsletter articles, e-=blasts, etc.)

Launch of SPARK family education initiative
SPARK FLYER 2014 final

  • Opening D'var Torah for Parshat Pikudei launching TMP by Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk.
  • Rosh HaShanah: http://www.fairmounttemple.org/2014/09/fill-our-hands-with-your-blessing-rabbi-robert-nosanchuk-at-rosh-hashanah-morning-service-2014/
  • Offered Middot practice as a central theme in adult education throughout adult middot practice groups, visiting scholars and retreats, and themes explored during worship as a point of reconnection for adults in the temple community.
  • Guest scholar Rabbi Dannel Schwartz helped lift up Jewish spirituality over a weekend of learning in May, 2014 kicking off our public efforts.
  • Rabbi Rob Nosanchuk taught 2 sections of Tikkun Middot adult classes one of which launched in June and the second section launched in September.
  • There was a mini-Middot series in September, 2014 on 3 Saturdays during the regular Torah study time.
  • Scholar in residence Rabbi Rex Perlmeter : Feb, 2015 link to publicity:
  • Related to the grant is our new Saturday-based family school called 'SPARK: Igniting a Passion for Jewish Learning'. This is an alternative to our traditional Sunday-based Religious School programs and uses the Family Tikkun Middot curriculum as the base. While parents are in the TM session, children study in mixed age groups various selections from the URJ Chai curriculum (related to the middah of the day), and study Hebrew through an Individual Hebrew Plan (IHP). In addition to the 12 sessions in person, families will attend a variety of holiday based programs and a selection of retreats in addition to at-home work through a "Canvas" based online classroom. I've made some changes to the family curriculum to accommodate our needs and am happy to share with anyone interested. Below you'll find our promotional flyer and the sketch of how we are adapting the Family TM curriculum (mostly adding more hands-on learning opportunities.) Contact Julianna Johnston Senturia for more information (**jsenturia@fairmounttemple.org**).

  • SPARK IJS 14-15 Draft syllabus
  • To view our webinar power point & videos, which offer a summary and reflections on our experiences, follow this link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2ea81ldq6vavzq/tikkun%20Middot%20%40Anshe%20Chesed%20Fairmount%20Temple%20Beachwood.pptx?dl=0
  • The videos of Rabbi Nosanchuk reflecting on a few key points from our experiences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62Y8sJqWxBM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUjy5Lmb2bc