Focus Phrases:

  • Be with the Other.

Videos: Written, drawn, and animated by Hanan Harchol. More animations by Hanan Harchol as well as study guides by Rabbi Leora Kaye are available at


Guided meditation on chesed (R. Sheila Peltz Weinberg):

NYU Chesed Meditation -
Temple Sholom


Song: "Olam Chesed Yibaneh" (R. Menachem Creditor):


Poster for chesed:

Divrei Torahs and Sermons

D'var Torah on Parshat Shemot/Chesed by Rabbi Lisa Gelber, Jewish Theological Seminary:
Sermon for YK Yizkor on applying chesed to comforting mourners (R. Sharyn Henry):

Blog posting on chesed by Rabbi Carol Glass, Ohabei Shalom, Brookline MA

Posters and Banners:

Chesed poster for lobby display (submitted by Marc Margolius):

Congregation Beth El
  1. January Main Poster Chesed.pdf
  2. January Chesed Conversation Poster: Jan conversation poster Chesed.pdf
  3. January Chesed Banner. Artist: Rabbi Judy Spicehandler, acrylic, marker, and colored paper collage on paper.
hesed banner resized.jpg
hesed banner resized.jpg

Congregation Beth Evergreen -
  1. Tikkun Middot poster - chesed
Congregation B'nai Keshet

Lesson Plans:

Chessed - Chicagoland Jewish High School Middot Minyan Lesson Plans

General Material:

  1. NYU
    1. NYU Chesed
  2. Congregation B'nai Jacob Powerpoint
  3. Congregation B'nai Keshet - Hesed
  4. Chochmat Halev
    2. CHESED and Loving-Kindness
  5. JCC of San Francisco
    1. Chesed
  6. Congregation Beth Evergreen
    1. Youth journal on Chesed
  7. Congregation Har Hashem
    1. Lovingkindness and Notes
  8. Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
    1. We read in the Book of Psalms (89:3): “The world is built through chesed (lovingkindness).” We are taught that God created the world in order to share God’s goodness with all of creation. Thus, the ultimate purpose of our lives is to act with chesed, to do what we can to make this world a better place. Classical acts ofchesed (gemilut chasadim or deeds of loving kindness) include providing meals to households with newborns, visiting the sick and the isolated, and assisting the elderly or infirm. In short, an act of chesedis any deed, however small, in which we use our life energy to help or give to another—even smiling and saying, “Good morning.
      To act with chesed requires that we pay attention to the other. Before assuming that we know what they need, we ought to ask. How can I help? What do you need? Sometimes a person sitting alone would prefer to be alone. Sometimes a person would rather walk slowly that accept a ride. The highest level of chesed is acting in solidarity, teaches Musar master Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, bearing another’s burden with her or him, understanding things from her or his point of view.
  9. Temple Beth Sholom
    1. Parent-Child PPT: CHESED
  10. Temple Ohabei Shalom
    1. Blog post on Chesed
      • Chesed/Lovingkindness Shabbat Shirah Service: Rabbi Saltzman and Cantor Schloss led an amazing Shabbat Shirah service on January 30th. Special guest Jonathan Gramling of Soulfedge joined the TOS Shabbat Band, the TOS Choir and Koleinu in an uplifting evening of song and prayer. This month’s middah:chesed/lovingkindness, was the central theme. Three of Stevie Wonder’s songs ushered us into the night:
        .….love’s in need of love today
        "Don’t delay, send yours in right away
        Hate’s goin’ ’round, breakin’ many hearts

        Stop it please, before it’s gone too far.
        –Stevie Wonder’s Love’s in Need of Love Today
  11. Temple Sholom
    1. Religious School Handout on Chesed: 03- Morinis on Chesed (Kindness)
  12. Westchester Jewish Community Services
    1. Chesed
  13. Discussing CHESED with young children - Congregation Beth Israel, Charlottesville, VA -