PROJECT DESCRIPTION: First, a disclaimer: Things at Congregation B'nai Jacob are in transition. Our Rabbi Rachel Brown, (also lead person on the TMP) is leaving. She and her husband, Rabbi Michael Ross (the second of three coordinators of TMP) will be moving out of state in just a few weeks. This leaves our third and last coordinator, Dr. Carol Actor, in charge of this report. As Carol is also chairing our search committee for a new Rabbi, she is currently buried under a mountain of congregational tasks! I (Jodi Rosenfeld, a member of the core Tikkun Middot group and leader of our Tikkun Middot Family Project) will start this report by filling in what I know. Additional information will be added in the coming weeks by Carol and by Wendy Liss (another member of our core group who ran a program called "Tikkun Middot through the Creative Process".) I apologize for our lack of organization and for being loose with deadlines! This is not our usual style; however, things have been a bit chaotic in our neck of the woods. I appreciate your understanding.

I just read through our Project Summary under the "Community Project Summaries" link to the left. I am happy to say that we did accomplish our goal of "All middot all the time" in many ways. The Rabbi wrote monthly articles in our newsletter about the Middah of the Month and incorporated teachings about the middot in her services regularly. She facilitated what I'll refer to as our "core group" which met monthly for a full year, following the IJS curriculum (as a member of that group I will say here that it was a fabulous and enriching experience!) Rabbi Michael Ross, along with core group member Mitchell Kling, ran a weekly meditation group.

In addition to the above, we instituted two new programs. The "Tikkun Middot through the Creative Process" program was conceived and run by core group member, Wendy Liss. She will add materials to this wiki site later. The Tikkun Middot Family Project (TMFP) was conceived and run by me (Jodi Rosenfeld). I will put links to all of the materials I used under miscellaneous below.


Project leadership team names and emails: Dr. Carol Actor (; Jodi Rosenfeld (

MATERIALS PRODUCED FOR MIDDAH OF EACH MONTH (banners, posters, divrei Torah, songs, etc.):
Bechirah Points:








PUBLICITY MATERIALS (press releases, newsletter articles, e-=blasts, etc.)


The Tikkun Middot Family Project (TMFP)
was marketed to Families of all ages during the month of September, 2014. We initially had 20 families sign up to participate (this number was reduced to 18 after two families dropped out due to busy schedules.) Each participating family was provided with a binder (much like the original TMP binder) including an introductory section and 9 middot sections (please see files below).