Update from Rabbi Joshua Lesser as of May 2014:

We as a community will be using HHDs to further teach about Mussar and Middot. The congregant d'varim (RH erev service and Yom Kippur Shacharit) will be given by two members of the TM group reflecting on different middot. And my d'vrei Torah will tie in as well b'h.
After Tishrei, we will be engaged with a different middah a month as a synagogue wide experiment. This means that there will be short teaching on the middah in our weekly e-blast, social media, etc. Our Jewish chanting groups will be using that middah to shape their service as guiding kavanot. My mysticism and meditation service once a month will become Mussar and Meditation and there will be a text teaching on the middah followed by a guided meditation on that middah.
Our TM1 group is exploring currently how they might continue on as a group. Perhaps self-led. But I will also be leading a twice monthly TM2 group called: The Seeker's Path utilizing the curriculum. I will also be leading a spiritual direction group monthly focused on parenting using Middot as a lens to examine their journey.
We are still thinking about how we might use this framework with our board but that has not been decided, yet. And I may get to work on a curriculum for b'nai mitzvah utilizing mussar. There was a person working on this that one of you had mentioned to me that I would love to be in contact with and perhaps even engage as a consultant.
All of this will lead up to a community wide Tikkun Middot/Contemplative Practices retreat next October for which we have booked the space.

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