Project leadership team names and emails:
Cantor Lorel Zar-Kessler,
Lisa Goodman,

MATERIALS PRODUCED FOR MIDDAH OF EACH MONTH (banners, posters, divrei Torah, songs, etc.): Each month we created two posters. One of our project leaders and a teenager together looked through the curriculum and other materials to find quotes and questions to use. Four of the "main" posters went up: one directly outside the sanctuary doors, one opposite the bathroom doors, one in the religious school hallway, and one in the social hall. In addition, a "conversation" poster where we encouraged congregants to write a note answering a question was placed in the religious school hallway and opposite the bathroom doors.

About the banners: Cantor Lorel Zar-Kessler reached out to artists in the community, asking each to create a banner for one middah. The banners (sized approximately 30-40 inches high by 70-80 inches long) were placed on a wall inside the sanctuary. As the banners become more elaborate, we kept them up in the sanctuary and the social hall. We do not have photographs of the Hitlamdut, Bechira Points, Anavah and Savlanut banners. The first three were computer generated, with the name of the middah in Hebrew, English and transliteration. The Savlanut banner by artist Leslie Zelamsky was the first to add images and more words to the name of the middah. From there each artist expanded on the banner concept.


Bechirah Points:

An Anavah Success Story, Nov. 24, 2014:

November Poster on Anavah/Humility:

November "Conversation" on Anavah/Humility
Savlanut Hallway Poster:

Savlanut Conversation Poster:

January Chesed Poster:

January Chesed Conversation Poster:

January Chesed Banner. Artist: Rabbi Judy Spicehandler, acrylic, marker, and colored paper collage on paper.
hesed banner resized.jpg

February Kavod Main Poster:

February Kavod Conversation Poster:

February Kavod Banner. Artist: Laura Segel .
honor banner small.jpg
March Sh'tikah Main Poster:

March Sh'tikah Conversation Poster:

March Sh'tikah Banner. Artist: Joan Makepeace. Fabric.

April Bitachon Main Poster:

April Bitachon Conversation Poster:

April Bitachon Banner. Artist: Roz Grunman. Fabric.
Bitachon banner.jpg

May Emunah Main Poster:

May Emunah Conversation Poster:

Emunah Banner. Artist: Joy Wieder, ink & marker on paper.
Emunah banner jpg.jpg

June Seder Main Poster:
June Seder Conversation Poster:
June Seder Banner. Artist: Lisa Goodman, acrylic on unstretched canvas.
Seder banner.JPG

PUBLICITY MATERIALS (press releases, newsletter articles, e-=blasts, etc.)
Letter to Beth El Community Announcing Grant Award:

Everyday Holiness Book Club Announcement:

Soul Collage Workshop Flyer--January 2015

May 2015 Emunah E-Flyer:

April 2015 Bitachon E-Flyer:

Sample Congregational E-newsletter with Tikkun Middot activities:

October 2015 Choice Points Banner. Photo © Art Illman, 2015. Banner graphic design: Lisa Goodman. Continuation of TMP after grant.
choice points banner ver 3 small jpeg.jpg

November 2015 Anavah/Humility Banner. Photo © Belinda Jentz, 2015. Banner graphic design: Lisa Goodman. Continuation of TMP after grant.
Anavah Banner small jpeg for sharing.jpg

April 2016 Seder/Order Banner by Linda Hirsch. All rights reserved. Photo © Linda J. Hirsch, 2016. Continuation of TMP after grant.
.Seder Banner FINAL 2016 Linda Hirsch.jpg

June 2016 Gratitude/Hakarat HaTov Banner by Carrie & Jordan Pollack. Continuation of TMP after grant.

Program Brochure

Four Wonderful Learning Opportunities at Beth El

Program History

Program History (under construction)
Hitlamdut banner hanging in sanctuary during HH
Toby, congregation
Hitlamdut posters in hallway
Rabbi David Jaffe, Teshuva Workshop, Using Middot to prepare for the High Holidays
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