1) Mussar : A Jewish Psychoethical Model for our time - In the article (reproduced with permission), Rabbi Mel Gottlieb explores how Mussar can transform lives and how it can be used in day-schools and congregational education. Rabbi Gotlteib's insights are highly relevant to the participants in the TMP.

2) A new Mussar? In this article (reproduced with permission) Dr. Tamra Wright explores how Mussar can renew the relevancy of Jewish thought by reconnecting it with the psychological dimension. She connects this project with the work of Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks. (the chapter is the afterward to the book Radical Responsibility: a tribute to Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks. This academic article has wonderful insights into the role that mussar can play in contemporary Jewish life.

3) A cumulative list of middot from Rabbi David Jaffe and Lisa Goodman: